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There are wheel nut indicators size 24, 27, 30, 32 and 33 in our offer . The number says the size of the female screw (spanner).

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For your safety drive

wheelnut indicator - little plastic assistant to helps you quickly and comfortably find out,
how tightened the wheelnuts
of your vehicle are

Wheel nut indicator

  • long-service-life
  • low purchase costs
  • simple installation
  • reduction of vehicle service costs

Did you know that:

There are hundreds of van accidents in the world every year, that are caused by come-off wheels. The consequences of these accidents are usually very serious and loss of life is not an exception. According to the Police of the Czech Republic statistics, it is the most common cause of accidents from those caused by technical trouble of motor vehicles!!!

As an example let us quote extract from Report about a car accident, which happened on 26 March 2003 in land register of Domoradice village: Vehicle combination was going at the speed of 71 km/h when the back right wheel came off (double assembly). As a result of that the vehicle combination got out of the road and turned over to its side. The driver was seriously injured, the damage to the vehicle was 470 000 CZK and to the load of consumer electronics cca 1.3 million CZK.